Build Your Own Tall AluTruk To Suit Your Requirements

£143.98 excluding VAT

You can build your own bespoke aluminium hand truck using the AluTruk components. Creating a hand truck that is perfect for your particular application.

Build your own truk, using our tall frame MFKT.

Build your own

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Build your own truk, using our tall frame MFKT.

By selecting alternative components from the list below you can create your own bespoke sack truck to suit your particular needs.
Order code generation
Order codes for Alutruk models are created by adding the component codes together, minus their initial descriptive letters e.g. the basic Alutruck model has the order code K26Y60 which is made from the following components: Frame MFK + Handle H26 + Toe Plate TPY + Wheels W60 thus creating the order codeK26Y60.
NB: Not all components are compatible.

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