AluTruk ‘Three Position’ Convertible Truck

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AluTruk SK13003PW10 1300mm deck space, puncture proof wheels on a single-piece steel hub. 3-Way convertible; ideal for use in shops, warehouses or deliveries where they can be suitable for undertaking numerous jobs. This lightweight Three-Way Truck has a maximum load capacity of 500kg (in flat bed position), and can be quickly and easily converted from a standard sack truck into a four wheel sack truck, or a platform truck.

Increase productivity by carrying double the volume
300Kg load capacity (tested in upright position)
500kg load capacity (tested in four-wheel mode)
Puncture-proof tyres as standard
High quality castors as standard

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 50 × 51 × 135 cm

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