We can handle everything from a hand truck to specialist skoots moving equipment

In 1972 Basil Malandrinos, or Baz to his friends, started selling castors and wheels from a spare room in his house in Windsor. The small scale operation quickly grew and within a year Baz-Roll Products Limited was born. The new company moved to larger and larger premises over the next few years until finally settling in a Wokingham industrial estate.

By the mid 1970s Basil had also become involved with a innovative new hydraulic lifting product called Skoots and in 1977 Skoots (Moving Systems) Ltd was formed. The new company would work in harmony with Baz-Roll Products Ltd and manufacture and distribute the new Skoots product alongside Baz-Roll’s ever-growing range of castors and wheels. Over the next few years the portfolio of products increased, to also include hand trucks and trolleys of various types and sizes.

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