Who manufactures the AluTruk® range?

As a credited manufacturer BIL Group manufacture all components ourselves and fully assemble right here in the UK! Being a manufacturer we are able to keep a keen eye on the quality detail and fully understand what needs to go into each individual component to ensure the range continues to be the market leader in aluminium sack trucks.

What makes AluTruk the market leader?

Our virtues are a huge part of why we are so successful. A high quality product will sell well but without service itself there is no product. We have a team of fully trained internal and external sales representatives who are always available to answer questions or discuss alternative specifications. We are highly innovative and flexible with the design itself and always look to cater for the customer’s needs. BIL Group have dealt with some high profile customers for many years and we feel this is down to all of the above and also the fact we are very quick to respond to queries and enquiries.

Where are you based?

All AluTruk components are ready and available from our Head Office in Calne, Wiltshire. The company started life in 1972 but we have since relocated have been situated in Calne since 1991 and now have a team of 40 fully trained employees who are always happy to help!

How do BIL Group keep consistent quality throughout the range?

BIL Group operate to ISO9001:2015 standards and have multiple systems and processes in place to ensure we operate to the highest levels. On the AluTruk® range we only use the highest grade materials available. On assembly we have highly skilled operators on site who check all components before fitting.

Components are also checked when they arrive from production and we also perform random batch spot checks on a monthly basis to ensure nothing is missed! To read more about our quality systems, click here.

Do you offer account facilities?

If you feel AluTruk® is right for your business (we can’t find a reason it wouldn’t be!) then yes we do provide account facilities! Our standard terms are 30 days and all it takes is a couple of forms to be completed! If you would like a copy of these forms then please contact us or give us a call on 01249 470 433

What is the best specification?

Quite honestly there is no individual specification we would consider the ‘best’ we understand the each industry and customer is unique. We provide what we consider to be popular models for each industry, these are listed on the website but we also offer a build your own AluTruk® section where you can build and see your Sack truck in CAD format before purchase! Alternatively we offer onsite consultations so you can sample a basic model before making any necessary changes that may be required. To do so call us on 01249 470 433 or drop us an email via our contact form!

I need something bespoke, can you cater for this?

One of our company virtues is innovation another is flexibility. Both of these fit hand in hand when being able to provide bespoke requirements. We always do our best to offer the complete sack truck solution for your business and one that will fully cater for your needs! You may benefit from a discussion with one of our representatives about such requirements so please feel free to contact us for a more in depth discussion on 01249 822 222

Is there any assembly required?

On the AluTruk modular range there is no assembly required whatsoever. You simply place your order and the trucks are delivered separately in our very own branded AluTruk bags that are designed to keep them safe during transit (or palletised depending quantity!) Other products from the range such as our platform trucks require minimal assembly, just bolt on the handle and castors and you are good to go!

Can I fit spare parts myself?

You certainly can! Our AluTruk® range is modular therefore with simple tools such as ratchet spanners / screwdrivers you are able to quickly remove old parts and replace with brand new replacements. You can also upgrade your AluTruk® if required by fitting optional extras such as stair glides and wheel guards. All spare parts can be purchased via the website but if you have any questions then feel free to contact us!

Can we have the trucks branded?

The AluTruk® range can be branded with your company logo down the side of the mainframe of the sack truck. Simply provide us with a high resolution image and we will do the rest. We also engrave each AluTruk® with a unique serial number for batch traceability purposes. Our customers have found this of benefit to themselves when allocating them to their workforce. We use our own generic numbers but are open to the customer’s suggestions. We quite regularly use vehicle registrations or depot locations. For this we do ask you contact one of our representatives on 01249 470 433 to discuss further prior to purchase.

What fasteners do you use?

All fasteners are manufactured right here in the UK and we only use the highest grade available. We use Nyloc nuts across all builds to ensure the sack truck remains durable for a long period of time. BIL Group NEVER compromise on quality and this is why we are renowned for being the industry leaders.

My main issue is wheels collapsing, why are AluTruk’s different?

Wheel bearings collapsing and tyres deflating is a hugely common problem with general sack trucks throughout the market place. On our AluTruk® range we provide polyurethane foam tyres on single piece solid steel hub. These wheels are actually manufactured by our sister division BIL Castors and Wheels. These tyres are rated at 1500 grammes of polyurethane content to eliminate the risk of ‘flat spotting’ and also improve rolling resistance when under heaving loading. Our semi precision wheels bearings are fitted for a smooth ride and have a lifetime guarantee!

Is AluTruk® load tested?

All of the range including popular models and any build from the design online (build your own AluTruk®) come complete with a fully tested and certified load capacity of 300kg. Our Platform truck weight loads vary but are also fully tested and certified so you can be rest assured that you are purchasing a safe product suitable for your application.

How does the order process work?

We hold all AluTruk® parts in component form here in Calne, Wiltshire. Once your order is placed we process it onto our SAP Business one system where a build is generated along with a delivery note. Our production team take charge from here and the paperwork is taken by our team of warehouse pickers who locate all the individual components to build your AluTruk® Once picked the parts are then taken to our assembly bays where our skilled operators fully assemble your AluTruk® As soon as the sack barrow is assembled and processed through our quality control, our despatch team pack it in one of our branded AluTruk® bags and the goods are prepared for delivery. We use an outsourced carrier to deliver the goods, generally on a next day delivery service.

How quickly can I expect delivery?

BIL Group use carefully selected outsource carriers and operate on a next day delivery service up until our 3pm cut off time. On occasion we may have to add the extra day to delivery dependant on quantity but we would rather do this and ensure you are delivered products to the highest standard!

Does the AluTruk® range come with a warranty?

Yes it does! The AluTruk range comes with a two year warranty as standard on all parts. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on our wheel bearings which on many sack trucks are the root cause of durability issues!

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