An innovative way of thinking! – TCT Show

Our Managing Director Mark Farrell and CAD Technician Matthew Walker recently visited the TCT Show at the NEC in Birmingham!

In line with one of our virtues of being an innovative forward thinking company, the TCT show gave us the opportunity to improve on our already extensive CAD and 3D printing capabilities! 

Our CAD technician Matthew has already produced high resolution images for most of the range within our extensive castor and wheels catalogue and has already began work on variations of our AluTruk range. With literally thousands of combinations available to us, Matthew is looking at ways we can continuously develop our ever growing CAD facility and 3D print department. We are now focused on developing this area of the company and utilising it to improve our design online section where you can currently see the design of the AluTruk as you build it to your own specification!

The TCT Show is one of the world’s leading design to manufacturing events that focuses on 3D printing, design and engineering technology! The show is a perfect fit for us as a company with our continued investment in these areas and natural progression of the company.

We are already utilising our two 3D Robox printers by manufacturing our very own prototype parts, including castor brackets, sack truck components and axle fittings some of which have already gone to full production  and have been supplied to our valued customers.



We have recently taken delivery of our brand new additional Pro 3D printer courtesy of Robox CEL.

Over the past year we have been designing and printing our own prototypes and samples for both our Material Handling and Castor and wheel divisions!

Investing in this excellent piece of technology means we are now able to produce samples in a higher volume and to a larger scale!

It also means we are able to ensure dimensions of the prototypes are suitable and compatible with the application before we push forward to full production!

AluTruk Sack Trucks Deliver Tesco to your Door

BIL Groups Customised Sack Truck delivers for Tesco – 2 million times a month!

With well over 500,000 home deliveries made each week  Tesco needs a reliable way of getting the groceries from the delivery van to the doorstep. BIL Group were able to help with a customised AluTruk solution.

BIL Groups relationship with Tesco goes back over 15 years, so understanding their need for a reliable, robust, quality engineered sack truck  BIL Group created a custom built sack truck to meet all of Tesco’s requirements. Consequently you will find one of our customised Aluminium Sack Trucks on every one of Tesco’s 3,000 delivery vans.

Lightweight Aluminium Folding Sack Truck

Our Tesco Sack Truck is easy to handle but robust, being made of quality lightweight aluminium. It comes with crowned tread tyres for ease of movement when loaded. These sack trucks also have a tote hook assembly to ensure the load is stable when being transported. In addition a folding footplate means our sack truck takes up the minimum amount of room in the van.

The customisation was completed with personalised Tesco side strips and unique serial number hard stamped into each sack truck.

While meeting all of Tesco’s stringent health and safety requirements the AluTruk is still capable of a 300 kg load capacity.

Steel Barrel Trucks

Roll Out the Barrel!

AluTruk Help Murphy and Sons supply the Brewing Trade.

The AluTruk division of the BIL Group have been working with Murphy and Son for many years.

As Murphy & Son, based in Nottingham, are brewing consultants and manufacturing chemists. They provide brewers throughout the country with all the processing kit and ingredients required to make quality beers.

As part of their business Murphy and Son provide their customers with Manual Handling equipment. And the relationship with BIL Group started after they approached us looking for a company who could provide them with better engineered, more robust, quality sack trucks for one of their customers.

Steel Sack Trucks for Heavy Barrels

We were able to show Murphy and Son our heavy duty steel sack truck range which was especially adapted to meet the needs of the brewing trade. Our steel barrel / keg trucks come complete with Keg hook attachment, twin grip handles and a choice of Pneumatic / Puncture proof tyres. Murphy and Son were delighted with these high quality, robust sack trucks and since then they have sold this Steel Keg and Barrel Truck into some major international brewing companies such as; Heineken and Carlsberg as well as many other smaller brewing businesses.

Aluminium Beer Trucks

We also provided Murphy and Son with a lightweight Aluminium sack truck option. In fact they liked this one so much they immediately replaced all their existing sack trucks with our AluTruk. This aluminium based beer truck provides the user with a unique 300kg load capacity. It is lightweight and has a modular design which enables quick and simple repairs to be undertaken if necessary so extending its life.

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