An innovative way of thinking! – TCT Show

Our Managing Director Mark Farrell and CAD Technician Matthew Walker recently visited the TCT Show at the NEC in Birmingham!

In line with one of our virtues of being an innovative forward thinking company, the TCT show gave us the opportunity to improve on our already extensive CAD and 3D printing capabilities!

Our CAD technician Matthew has already produced high resolution images for most of the range within our extensive castor and wheels catalogue and has already began work on variations of our AluTruk range. With literally thousands of combinations available to us, Matthew is looking at ways we can continuously develop our ever growing CAD facility and 3D print department. We are now focused on developing this area of the company and utilising it to improve our design online section where you can currently see the design of the AluTruk as you build it to your own specification!

The TCT Show is one of the world’s leading design to manufacturing events that focuses on 3D printing, design and engineering technology! The show is a perfect fit for us as a company with our continued investment in these areas and natural progression of the company.

We are already utilising our two 3D Robox printers by manufacturing our very own prototype parts, including castor brackets, sack truck components and axle fittings some of which have already gone to full production  and have been supplied to our valued customers.

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