Alutruk Supplies Tesco’s Entire Delivery Fleet

BIL Groups Customised Sack Truck delivers for Tesco – 2 million times a month!

A sack truck case study: With well over 500,000 home deliveries made each week  Tesco needs a reliable way of getting the groceries from the delivery van to the doorstep. BIL Group were able to help with a customised AluTruk solution.

BIL Groups relationship with Tesco goes back over 15 years, so understanding their need for a reliable, robust, quality engineered sack truck  BIL Group created a custom built sack truck to meet all of Tesco’s requirements. Consequently you will find one of our customised Aluminium Sack Trucks on every one of Tesco’s 3,000 delivery vans.

Lightweight Aluminium Folding Sack Truck

Our Tesco Sack Truck is easy to handle but robust, being made of quality lightweight aluminium. It comes with crowned tread tyres for ease of movement when loaded. These sack trucks also have a tote hook assembly to ensure the load is stable when being transported. In addition a folding footplate means our sack truck takes up the minimum amount of room in the van.

The customisation was completed with personalised Tesco side strips and unique serial number hard stamped into each sack truck.

While meeting all of Tesco’s stringent health and safety requirements the AluTruk is still capable of a 300 kg load capacity.

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