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BIL Materials Handling Building where AluTruk Sack Trucks are Manufactured

BIL Materials Handling is part of a larger group of companies, known as BIL Group Ltd that can trace its origins back to 1972. From relatively small beginnings, it has grown into one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of modular sack trucks and hand trucks under the leading brand name; AluTruk© and is the originator of the renowned Skoots© moving system which is still popular today some 40 years after the original concept was launched.

Ever-increasing product lines, further investment….

Quality is just one key to Success

Our primary goal is to simply provide the very best, quality sack trucks for our customers according to our virtues; Quality, Innovation, Service and Flexibility.

At BIL Group we never stand still, continually pushing forward with our perpetual development program. Reinvestment year on year has facilitated steady growth at an average of almost ten percent annually since a successful MBO took place in 2007.

Our most important asset is our staff. Our highly experienced team share our collective vision and have been loyal to us for more than ten years on average. Some of our staff members have been with us for over thirty years. Staff retention is key to the long term stability and success of our growing organization and through this wealth and knowledge and their commitment we maintain our competitive edge.

Tried and tested, BIL and AluTruk are brands that you can rely on for quality, innovation, service and flexibility.

Telephone 01249 470433 or email for more information.

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